by GiorgiaOri

we built a world where a mid-twenty years old guy/girl must feel guilty for loving. We are educated to think about
studying, working, growing, being active, being strong, being smart, being ON 24/7, don’t do drugs, don’t do alcohol, who you wanna be, how much you wanna make, what are you gonna invent, what are you gonna win, who you’re gonna beat. built your personality, have a style, whats in your wardrobe, create a network, travel, be focus, create your business, take careof your body, wear a 2, but eat well, love nature, be kind.. thousands things. for 10 years i’ve been doing all that. I stopped, for one second, stopped and fall in love, it won’t last forever, it’s just few weeks, and i feel GUILTY for that, everything around me makes me feel guilty, i have a father to satisfy, a diploma to take, a job to find, money to make, no time for the rest, no path to cross, ’cause they make you believe that one day you’ll get married as you’ll pay taxes