The Beginners

a crossroads between teenage and adult age

Month: July, 2014


Many people ask me what I wanna do with my life, or what am I ACTUALLY doing now… Well, I always panic before answering because I don’t know. I mean, I’m not sure, I just leave one experience to lead the other, and in the end my past is just a bunch of past lives -not more even me, nor mine- which lead to this “now” thing…. And the “now” thing (also called present) is becoming “shorter” and shorter, and every day more rich and exciting… and for now I’m fine with it… or maybe I’m drug with it… ’cause can’t stop.
I’d love to answer “what are you doing?”. I’d love to be able to answer even just “where do you live?” “where do you come from?” but I fucking can’t. ’cause I’m ACTUALLY living like this, and every step is wonder…




Yesterday I lighted a Marlboro, and its taste had a memory. Of that time, smoking in the peruvian Amazon during a rainy day… It was the exact same flavor. It was even the exact same perfume and same sensations on my skin… One cigarette, lighted, had the power to bring me back; a Marlboro is a free ticket to the jungle.

It happens often: a particular smell, or moment, or landscape, or laugh brings me back to something also, something I lived in an other country, in an other time, with other people and with a different me.

I’d like for once, if my eyes could just go black, without seeing other images, of past/future time.
I’d like if I could just listen to a song and sing -without thinking about THAT other moment-, I’d like to hike a mountain without thinking about THAT other mountain, I’d like to kiss a guy without thinking about that other kiss…


I made this, in honor of all the ones who are BEGINNERS. Who are living everyday as if it was their first…

I hope you’ll like and share it:)